Certification Series

I would like to create a webinar certification series for customers and prospects, but I don’t know how/where to start. Can anyone share their experience with this? Thank you.

If I remember correctly ON24 platform has a feature to run certifications but not sure.

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When you say “certification”, do you mean to help provide them with some sort of continuing education credit they can use to maintain an accreditation with an institution other than your own?

Or do you mean that you want to create a series of webcasts to help certify they have a certain level of knowledge on your products/services?


Yes something either linked with external certification authorities or a model to link trainings to test to certify that trainings have been completed and test successfully completed.

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I think there are many different components to this question, such as the content, time of the webinars, and perhaps the certifying body, if not your agency and any other rules/regulations to follow or comply with.

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Fully agree there are many components and certifications may vary too. I was looking a possibility to run simple programs where to use a series of 30min max webinars and at the end of the series just run a test. Successful completion of the test (at least 80% correct answers) and the proof that the webinars have been seen completely (no possibility to fast forward) would lead to a Pass statement.

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We do a series that offers a certificate at the end from a university we partner with. It’s different from certification.

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My organization provides NASBA Continual Education Credit for our webinars. Here is what we do on the back end:

Step 1: Add Certification widget to your console builder

Step 2: Set up parameters on what they need to do to earn a certificate. Our organization requires us to use polls. Since this webinar is a 50-minutes our attendees will be required to click on 3 of the poll questions within the presentation.

Step 3: Upload a custom certificate (needs to be a png. or jpeg file)
I would recommend adding as much information on the certificate. The font size and customization can be very clunky.

Please keep in mind make sure you announce the certificate requirements in your housekeeping slides. Below is a screenshot on what we do. We specifically add a picture of what the poll (pop-up) looks like and what they need to click on. I also add text on the console on where the certificate is located.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Thanks for all this information. We have had people asking about certificates for certain events and I think it would be great to offer something simple and easy.

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Osman, I am still thinking on how to do best do this. I am working with a local association that many of our customers belong to. We want to do both - 1.) Give continuing education credits as well as 2) certifying webinar attendees on the software product suite that my company sells to the upstream oil and gas business - Exploration and Production of hydrocarbons.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, that’s correct. I’m asking more about a strategy on how best to create a certification program.

Thank you. This is exactly what I want to do. My question is more on the strategy and how serious a certification from watching my webinar series will be taken in the industry - oil and gas industry.

Can you please tell me. I’m planning to do the same, but with a local association for geologists and geophysicists. I’m in the oil and gas industry.

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Thank you so much!! Could I send you an email so I can explain better? This is more or less, what I would like to do. My email is alexandra.jordan@halliburton.com.

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We don’t do this now but it is good to keep in mind for our future offerings.

Thank you for all of the information on this thread - it’s super helpful!

While my company doesn’t do certifications, all of this information is extremely for the future!

It is fantastic and there should be more.

I never used this, but I find the feature very useful in general